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E-FORCE ® Wind Turbine Inverter Replacement

  • Magnetek E-FORCE Air Cooled Wind Turbine Inverter Replacement


Wind Turbine Inverter replacement units and parts from the original designer and manufacturer—Magnetek. We developed the products, own the patent, assemble and dynamically test in our U.S.A. E-FORCE facility.




Magnetek’s E-FORCE® Wind Inverter efficiently tames the energy produced by large wind turbines and delivers it to the grid. The E-FORCE® three-phase, utility-interconnected inverter is designed to be used with permanent magnet generator technology. It remains on-line and rides through utility transient conditions providing seamless performance of your wind turbine until normal voltage levels resume.

  • Variable speed input for use with permanent magnet generator technology
  • Over 97% efficient at full power
  • Near-unity power factor (adjustable from 95% lead to 95% lag)
  • Less than 5% total current distortion
  • Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT)
  • Large-capacity IGBTs
  • Self-diagnostics and remote monitoring
  • Designed to meet seismic zone 4 requirements



Based on Magnetek’s innovative E-FORCE® Air Cooled inverter technology platform, this high-power density, liquid-cooled inverter provides optimal thermal performance for applications where air cooling is unsuitable. The E-FORCE® Liquid Cooled Inverter is ideal for sealed structure applications such as near shore wind turbines or wind turbines installed in corrosive environments, as well as locations where sustained operation at elevated ambient temperatures is required. The E-FORCE Liquid Cooled Inverter incorporates the features of the air cooled design, plus:

  • Separate internal coolant loop for IGBTs and electronics
  • Designed for 50/50 water and glycol coolant
  • Enclosed system for minimal radiated heat
  • Requires external heat exchanger
  • Robust coolant hoses and fittings

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