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Elevator Modernization

Maintaining the highest levels of elevator functionality, safety, and comfort is vital to tenant satisfaction and property value. By giving new life to your elevators through modernization, you can reduce operating expenses and optimize ride performance and traffic flow.

Choosing Magnetek's Elevator Drives for your modernization projects will provide you with superior performance, reliability, and energy savings, all of which reduces costs for you.
Click on the Elevator Modernization Guide link below to see how Magnetek products can help you utilize regenerated energy and potentially qualify for LEED, BREEAM®, and other energy efficiency building credits by modernizing your existing elevator systems.          
 Click the image below to view the Magnetek Elevator Modernization Guide in a "flipbook" format.          
Click here to download a PDF version of the Magnetek Elevator Modernization Guide.          
If you would like more information on modernizing your elevator system, call us
at 800.236.1705 or email us at info@elevatordrives.com.


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