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Which AC Line Regenerative System is Right for Your Needs: Fit & Function Drive the Decision
  • Impulse D+ HHP
  • IMPULSE R+ Magnetek’s high performance AC Line Regenerative Systems are ideal for adjustable speed applications that include a high demand braking cycle

Choosing Between a Line Regenerative System or Dynamic Braking Resistor

When choosing between an AC line regenerative system and a dynamic braking resistor, you should consider the application and requirements prior to purchasing a product. Installing the right technology will save time and money, while reducing downtime and decreasing energy expenditures.


BUDGET: While regenerative controls cost more initially, they more than pay for themselves over time in energy savings for CMAA Class D or higher cranes. Depending on the control and crane class, you may realize a return on your investment in just 24 months—and then the long-term energy savings begins!

ENVIRONMENT: Regenerative controls have significantly lower heat loss than resistors. They are mounted inside a protective enclosure, which reduces the risk of environmental damage from conductive dust, water, or flammable debris. 

REDUCED MAINTENANCE & DOWNTIME: Dynamic braking resistors require crane wiring, conduit, and maintenance. With regenerative controls, installation and maintenance tasks are minimized.


Magnetek’s regenerative line includes three products, IMPULSE•R+, IMPULSE•D+, and IMPULSE•D+ HHP


If your crane has existing motor controls you would like to continue using, you will most likely benefit from IMPULSE•R+. This regenerative control closely resembles the connections used with a CDBR and dynamic braking resistor and replaces CDBRs and resistors in the power circuit. Motoring power is pulled through drive rectifiers and regenerates through the IMPULSE•R+ and reactors. Best suited for single motion and retrofit applications, IMPULSE•R+ is available with ratings from 5-400HP. Magnetek has also designed pre-engineered IMPULSE•R+ regenerative panels to make retrofitting easy. For additional information on the IMPULSE•R+, click here.


The most cost-effective choice for new cranes, IMPULSE•D+ and D+ HHP are also the most efficient regenerative systems available, and meet IEEE 519 specifications based on the very high quality of power produced. 

Selecting between D+ and D+ HHP is simple. The crane supply voltage and overall horsepower required determines which product is needed. IMPULSE•D+ HHP allows for higher operating power, with upper limits of 1750HP at 460V and 2000HP at 575V. Instead of being panel mounted, IMPULSE•D+ HHP is a rack-mounted, modular drive system. The regenerative system is typically mounted in a separate enclosure from the motor controls in a control house. It is scalable, sharing common components with models of varying sizes, which allows for spare parts repair inventory minimization. For additional information on the IMPULSE•D+ HHP, click here.

The new IMPULSE•D+ active front end product is rated up to 50°C ambient operating temperature and serves applications ranging from 5HP to 450HP at 460V, and up to 150HP at 230V. It’s a great solution for typical chassis drive, panel mounted drive systems. For additional information on the IMPULSE•D+, click here.

For technical specifications on all our regenerative systems, visit Magnetek's AC Controls page.

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