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Heavy-Duty Aluminum Festoon
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Festoon

For environments that require a more rugged track, Electromotive has designed a heavy-duty festoon system that is available for flat or round cables.

The system features extruded aluminum track construction, in convenient lengths that simply bolt together with a heavy-duty coupling assembly. A feature of the heavy-duty aluminum track is that it may be formed to match the radii of curved material handling systems. Tracks are supported every 10 feet and the rounded portion of the track serves as an extremely smooth runway for the cable trolleys. Trolleys are equipped with ball bearing wheels capable of traveling at speeds of 250 feet per minute. Each trolley can be supplied with anti-lift up rollers and is capable of supporting 150 lbs. of cable.

Available Features
  • Single and double flat cable trolley saddles 
  • Single and double round cable trolley saddles 
  • 3" and 5" trolley frames 
  • Track may be formed to a minimum of a 36" radius 

Hanger Assembly Diagram

1. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Track

2. Joint Assembly 

3. Tow Arm/Cable Saddle Assembly 

5. Hanger Assembly 

6. End Cable Clamp 

7. End Stop 

10. Control Box Trolley 

11. Trolleys


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