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Magnetek's OmniPulse DSD DC Control brings advanced power technology to the operation of DC cranes and hoists.

We've evolved our highly successful DC drive technology, used to power over 25,000 elevator drives worldwide, to bring you a superior DC control for crane and hoist applications! OmniPulse DSD provides DC shunt wound bridge, trolley, and hoist motors with reliable, energy-efficient performance, while significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs. 

The fully programmable OmniPulse DSD DC drive offers smooth controlled acceleration and deceleration ramps, permitting more efficient load placement and reduced load swing and mechanical shock. This results in increased production throughput and drive train life. 

OmniPulse DSD DC Controls are available in component form, pre-engineered panels, or custom panels designed to your specifications, and include all standard features plus a wide variety of other control options. DSD also interfaces with IMPULSE®•Link 4.1 Basic or WDS (wired or wireless), offering remote parameter operation and diagnostic capabilities. 

Safety Advantages
  • Motor torque proving at start 
  • Brake torque proving at start and stop 
  • Safe Operating Windows™ reduces the possibility of programming unsafe parameters 
  • Microprocessor Watchdog Circuit monitors microprocessor operation 
  • Motor and control protection circuits 
  • Works with upper limit switches 

Maintenance Advantages
  • Elimination of contactor problems 
  • Motor protection circuits 
  • Elimination of motor in-rush currents reduces demand on collector bars and power centers 
  • Undervoltage protection 
  • Saves last 16 faults, automatic reset, or external fault reset 
  • Reduced mechanical stress 
  • Elimination of voltage transients caused by magnetic controls 
  • Microprocessor based built-in diagnostics 
  • Increased reliability over DC clapper controls and M-G sets 
  • Built for harsh operating environments 
  • 2 line x 16 character LCD display in control cabinet as standard 

Performance Advantages
  • Traverse Motion—programmable, analog or multi-step speed reference 
  • Hoist Motion—programmable, analog or multi-step speed reference 
  • Load Float—allows a load to be held aloft at zero speed 
  • Maximum motor torque from startup to full speed 
  • Smooth load starting 
  • Programmable smooth acceleration from minimum to maximum speed 
  • Programmable smooth deceleration to creep-speed and stop 
  • MICROSPEED—fine speed control minimizes load swing during operation 
  • ULTRALIFT—fast no-load hook speeds/easy load spotting 
  • Built-in Auto Tune—self tunes to motor, faster startup; vital for modernization installation 
  • Limit switch inputs 
  • Inching control for exact load placement 
  • Built-in motor overload protection 

Unsurpassed Aftermarket Support
OmniPulse is backed by the industry's best warranty and service, including:
  • 24 hour on-call service 
  • On-site technical support 
  • Emergency crane control replacement 
  • One-year warranty 
  • On-site training programs available 

Optional Keypad
  • Keypad operator has programmable features and computer diagnostics, allowing the operator to customize crane and hoist performance 
  • Display menus provide rapid access to operating status, features, and diagnostics 
  • Reprogramming parameters is a simple task 
  • Fault-detection and safety circuits record last 16 faults that may occur and protect motors from dangerous operating conditions 
  • Keypad operator displays the control's status, which provides for the fast diagnosis and repair of almost any problem 
  • Trouble-shooting is quick and easy with plain language diagnostics
OmniPulse DSD DC Control Keypad


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