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Magnetek, the leader in crane and hoist motor control, offers the MagnePulse Digital Magnet Control for the operation of DC industrial lifting magnets. Built on Magnetek’s proven OmniPulse DDC platform, this microprocessor based, solid-state, DC-to-DC control combines advanced safety and performance features to improve productivity and reliability in your facility.

Advanced Performance
  • Digital control of the magnet’s demagnetizing current means the magnet cleans the load faster and more consistently, increasing throughput 
  • Exclusive OmniBeam feature allows the operator to enable any combination of up to four unique magnets to precisely match individual load requirements 
  • Stepped current allows you to program the drive to lift/clean a single slab or a stack of slabs, reducing cycles and improving throughput 
  • Power loss ride-through continues to energize the magnet to keep the control running and current flowing through the magnet when main power is lost 

Improved Safety and Protection
  • MagnePulse DMC automatically removes magnet power during a fault event, preventing damage to the drive and magnet 
  • Open/short circuit detection automatically disables current to the magnet if a cable is cut, avoiding control and magnet damage while improving plant safety 
  • Over-temperature protection utilizes the magnet’s resistance to determine its temperature, preventing magnet damage and increasing life expectancy 
  • Digitally control the rate of current change to prevent voltage spikes or minimize drop time 
  • Password protection stops unauthorized users from changing the control characteristics 

Increased Production and Efficiency
  • Reduced lifting current maintains a full load while saving energy, lengthening magnet life, and increasing average lift capacity 
  • Efficient use of energy reduces magnet heating up to 50%, reducing or eliminating the need for magnet change-outs 
  • Flexible control options include single-input, dual-input, stepped-input, analog or serial current references as well as a programmable input to maximize magnet and crane performance 
  • Twenty-five drive, magnet and control status monitors check magnet current, voltage, resistance, temperature, DC bus voltage, and control variables to simplify process optimization 

Enhanced Programmability and Diagnostics

Flexible Options
MagnePulse DMC can be easily retrofitted into your current framework, using existing operator controls and connections. Magnetek can also provide a pre-engineered panel with all the components needed to provide complete magnet control. Panel accessory options include E-stop, fan kits, and circuit breakers. MagnePulse DMC may also be added to a custom panel, designed and built to your exact specifications.


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